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Is your brand recognizable at a glance? Could your audience see a color, object, layout, a few words, or some combination... and immediately know who you are and what your personality is?

Graphic Design goes beyond words on a screen or a template for your emails. It is the strategic creation of designed elements that trace back to who your brand is at a personal level. Graphics build connection and have a seemingly infinite number of uses.

A picture is worth a thousand words... but make sure they are the right words.


"Brand photography" seems to be all encompassing these days. Here's the key point: Your brand should show off your personality as much as possible.

Your audience wants a personality (a real person) to connect with. That can't be done using only stock photography.

These photos could include people interacting, presentations, production, product, and more. 


Product photography is staged. It is intentionally capturing the product in a static or styled way.

Some product photos include a green screen and graphic design, others may be a styled portrayal of your product being used.

These are typically more "sales" images that would be used in advertising or on product pages found on a website (e-commerce//Amazon)


A lack of consistency in headshots and portraits is probably our biggest pet-peeve. Your headshots should look intentional and consistent.

We capture your personality and share images that can be used in email signatures, on websites, on LinkedIn and other social media, and more.

Don't let your employees use selfies... or 10 year old portraits... Let's make you look intentional.

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