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"Build it and they will come" is a LIE!!! You must drive your audience to learn more about your business, your solutions, and discover how you make their lives better. This starts with organic marketing.



Let's get real: this is easier said than done.

The point is that organic marketing success comes through consistency, creativity, and utilizing the resources you already have available.

The problem is that a lot of businesses spend more time talking about marketing than they spend actually DOING marketing.

1. Create Relevant Content.

If video is your thing, great!

If you'd rather be behind a keyboard, amazing!

Or if you're not really a writer or personality, that's ok too!

Find a way to produce content that educates your audience and engages them in conversation.

2. Distribute as Secondary Content

Distribute via social and newsletter.

LinkedIn has a great way to publish articles and you should have an existing list of clients or contacts that we can use to connect to people who already know about your brand - this is called a nurturing campaign!

3. Share Micro-Content

You have about 8 seconds to capture my attention.


Micro-content is exactly what it sounds like: short bursts of content, short-form content, memes, visuals, and the bite-sized content that’s best suited for social media.

We use the primary content as the source for micro-content - quotes, images, clips, and other shareables!

4. Interact with Your Community

Businesses that focus on building their social media engagement can benefit from better marketing reach and ROI, and a greater brand awareness that makes it easier to attract new customers.


Search engines are also paying attention to social signals and hash tags, even using them as inputs to determine search rankings for a business’ website.

Explore the Marketing Framework  →

Your marketing makes you an expert.

Your goals help define your strategy. Your strategy helps define the content. Your content should establish your brand as a credible authority in your industry. It's the only way to stand out.

If you don't market yourself...

If your brand doesn't market itself:

  • Your potential clients won't know about you

  • Your audience doesn't remember you

  • You become irrelevant

  • You get stuck in a rut

  • Your pipeline runs dry

When you do market yourself...

After you create a marketing strategy:

  • Your brand tells a story

  • You look more professional

  • You stay relevant & credible

  • You connect with your community

  • Your business grows!

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Many businesses spend time talking about marketing, but very few take the time to DO marketing. When a business stops marketing itself, it ceases to grow.

The Haven Agency creates scalable systems for marketing and advertising that businesses need to grow. 

The Haven Agency exists because if businesses market themselves, they are more likely to survive and thrive.




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