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4 Easy actions to grow your business on social media

How can you help your business grow?

Every small action can contribute to significant growth. This is the compounding effect of social media. After all, it takes seven to ten interactions (or touches) to get the interest of your audience.

At The Haven Agency, we understand that sales teams are crucial in driving this growth. Sometimes, it’s not about grand strategies but simple, consistent actions that can make a real difference. Here are a few straightforward steps your sales team can take today to help your business thrive.

Why Taking Action on Social Media Matters

Sales teams often focus on closing deals and meeting targets, but in 2024, building relationships and enhancing visibility are equally important. Engaging with your network and leveraging your online presence can create more opportunities for meaningful interactions and, ultimately, more sales. The actions we recommend below are designed to fit into your daily routine, helping you contribute to your company's growth without overwhelming your schedule.

1. Like and Share from the Company Page

Engaging with your company’s social media content is a simple yet effective way to increase visibility. Make it a habit to like and share posts from your company page. This amplifies the reach of the content and demonstrates your support and involvement with the company. Social media platforms like this too - when they see a post is gaining momentum, the platform will promote it even more. When sharing, add a personal touch or insight to encourage further engagement from your personal network.

2. Add a Call to Action in Your Bio

Your professional bio should be seen as a tool that can drive action. Consider adding a call to action, such as a link to schedule a meeting via Calendly, in your bio or as a featured post. This simple addition makes it easy for potential clients to connect with you. By offering a direct path to engagement, you increase the likelihood of converting connections into leads and, ultimately, customers.

3. Spend 5 Minutes a Day Liking and Commenting on Your Connections' Posts

Engagement is key to building relationships on social media. Dedicate just five minutes a day to like and comment on your connections' posts. Use the Atomic Habits strategy by doing this every time you pick up your phone without a decided reason. This consistent interaction keeps you top of mind with your network and can lead to valuable conversations and opportunities. Genuine, thoughtful comments are more impactful than generic ones.

4. Share Relevant Industry News and Insights

Position yourself as a thought leader by sharing relevant industry news and insights. Curate content that resonates with your audience and adds value to their day. By consistently providing valuable information, you build credibility and trust with your network. This can lead to increased engagement and opportunities as people turn to you as a reliable source of information.

How will social media engagement help your company?

Implementing these simple actions can yield significant results over time. Consistently engaging with your company’s content increases its visibility and reach. Adding a call to action in your bio creates a clear path for potential clients to connect with you, increasing the chances of generating leads. Spending a few minutes each day engaging with your network helps you stay top of mind and builds stronger relationships. Sharing industry insights positions you as a thought leader, enhancing your credibility and trust within your network.

Don't miss the chance to grow. We're here to help.

Growing your business doesn’t always require complex strategies or significant time investments. Complex strategies have their place, but these simple and consistent actions can move the needle too. 

We’re here to make the complicated, simple. All it takes is a direction and clear deliverables to begin making a change and growing your business.

If you have questions about social media strategy, content, or sales funnels, we’re here to help.

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