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Root 2 Rise Power Yoga

Brand Message • Logo Design • Website • Graphic Design • Photo 

Their Need

Root 2 Rise Power Yoga, a Jacksonville-based yoga studio, sought a complete brand design overhaul, including a new logo, brand colors, website, photography, and social media strategy. They aimed to establish a distinct and compelling brand identity that reflected their commitment to fostering a welcoming yoga community and promoting wellness.

Our solution

We crafted a comprehensive brand design solution for Root 2 Rise Power Yoga, encompassing a captivating new logo, harmonious brand colors and graphics, a user-friendly website, and captivating photography. Additionally, our strategic social media strategy effectively communicated the studio's vision and values, fostering connections with their audience and strengthening their position in the wellness market.

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Producing a website for Root 2 Rise Power Yoga presented the challenge of seamlessly integrating diverse elements to provide users with a comprehensive and engaging experience.


We had to showcase detailed class descriptions, teacher information, and studio background to convey the essence of the brand and create a welcoming atmosphere.


Additionally, we needed to present information about the owner and transparent pricing to build trust and credibility.


Ensuring a smooth navigation flow was crucial to enable users to seamlessly transition between learning about the brand, exploring classes, and easily signing up for their preferred sessions.

The logo design process for Root 2 Rise Power Yoga involved identifying their preferences and dislikes, exploring countless combinations of elements, and pushing creative limits. Through relentless refinement, we discovered the logo that distinctly represented the brand's essence, evoking a harmonious blend of mind, body, and spirit – a visually compelling and meaningful symbol of Root 2 Rise Power Yoga's identity.

Logo Design

In addition to the core logo design process and website development, The Haven Agency curated a cohesive brand experience for Root 2 Rise Power Yoga.


We conducted a captivating brand photography session, capturing the studio's essence and instructors' personalities.


Our comprehensive brand identity development, including typography, colors, and graphics, fostered a recognizable presence across all materials.


Eye-catching signage designs for the studio's interior and exterior created an inviting atmosphere for a seamless and impactful client journey.

Everything Else

Brand Photography

Brand Identity



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