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Did you think that Facebook was the most important thing for your business? WRONG! Your website is the foundation for everything you do online. It establishes credibility, educated your audience, and automates the marketing process.



Your website should convert.

We mean actually built with conversion in mind.​

This can't be just another fancy brochure site.

It must be an effective brochure site.

Your website should be mobile friendly.

That means that it should be designed specifically for mobile.​ With 95%+ of all web traffic happening on our customer's phones, you can't afford to hope it works on a phone or tablet!

Your website should be easy to modify.

That means that seasonally, quarterly, yearly... or when you hire a new employee! 

One of the most frustrating situations business owners find themselves in is collecting a bid or estimate for a simple change, addition, or deletion from their websites.

1. The Templated One-Pager

If you already know your brand message, this is a great place to start. You'll fill out a quick and easy brand message form, send us your photos, and we'll create your website in as little as seven days.


  • One-Page Web Design

  • Three Template Options

  • Custom Colors and Fonts

  • Stock Photography (or your own!)

2. The Custom One-Pager

So, you see the value in clarifying your brand message and need some help getting it onto your new website? This is a great solution! We'll help you write your message and customize the look and design of your website!


  • Brand Story Writing

  • Custom One-Page Web Design

  • Custom Colors and Fonts

  • Graphic Design (as needed)

  • Blog

3. The Multi-Page Brochure Site

Does your business have multiple services or products? Do each of those services need their own page to educate your audience? We'll create a sitemap, clarify the message for each product, and create a fully custom website that looks and feels like it's 2021!


  • Six Page Design (Home, About, Contact, Services x3)

  • Blog Setup

  • Fully Customized 

  • Half Day Brand Photography

4. The Complete Website

Are you planning a big launch for your new brand image? The Complete Website includes everything you need to launch your business and make an impact on your customers. ​


  • Fully Customized six-page design

  • Blog Setup

  • Half Day Brand Photography

  • Brand Video ($2449 budget)

  • Launch Strategy

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Your Website isn't going to update itself...

So many businesses are sitting on website that look old, feel impersonal, and don't convert. That is usually because it is overwhelming to take on that project yourself!

If you don't update your website...

If your brand doesn't have an updated website:

  • Your brand looks outdated and irrelevant

  • You lose credibility

  • Your audience isn't educated

  • Your competition can EASILY overtake you.

When you do update your website...

After you take the time to update your website:

  • Your brand tells a story

  • You look more professional

  • You stay relevant & credible

  • Your team is proud to share your site

  • Your business grows!

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Many businesses spend time talking about marketing, but very few take the time to DO marketing. When a business stops marketing itself, it ceases to grow.

The Haven Agency creates scalable systems for marketing and advertising that businesses need to grow. 

The Haven Agency exists because if businesses market themselves, they are more likely to survive and thrive.




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