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Whether it's on social media or magazines, billboards or television commercials, advertising should be a part of your brand strategy. Advertising is all about introducing your brand and your solutions to new potential customers.

Advertising Made Simple

Step 1 - Awareness

At the awareness stage of the customer journey, you want to reach as many people in your target audience as possible. Focus on imagery of your products and services that will prompt people to pause and learn more. 

Step 2 - Inform

Now is the time to introduce general information about your business, and basic descriptions of your products or services. ​ This may be a carousel, a short video, or an image that directly relates to your services.

Step 3 - Educate

Once people are aware of your business, you want to focus more on the specific benefits of your products and services. This is a good moment to talk about how your products and services differ from those of competitors, since customers may be comparing brands.

Step 4 - Convert

Finally, in the conversion stage, you want messages that remove the final hurdle to purchase. For example, promotions and special offers that prompt your customers to act now. This may also be an opportunity to introduce a lead generating offer such as a free consultation, review/report, additional information found in a PDF, or even a series of videos. The goal depends on your measurement of success - is that getting their email? booking an appointment? or making an online sale?

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