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Social Media & Digital Marketing

An effective Social Media campaign requires a balanced strategy that can build brand loyalty by combining great content people want and need with promotional content that converts.

The Complete Marketing Funnel

Step 1 - Produce Primary Content

Remember this: you are the expert.

Part of the marketing process is building trust between you and your audience. Step 1 of the complete marketing funnel is producing primary content that answers the most asked questions via blog, video, or PDF.

Step 2 - Distribute Content

It's important to get your message out to your audience and contact list. This is called nurturing your customers and contacts. They need to hear from you, be reminded that you are growing your resources, and looking out for their best interests.

Step 3 - Micro-Content Posting

You've created primary content, sent it to your existing contacts... now is the time to feed your audience bite-sized pieces on social media. Your primary content drives your social media post schedule! Your audience gets to follow along with the topics you're the expert on.

Step 4 - Engage

Your social media isn't complete without being... well, social. As we follow a social media posting schedule, we also engage with the pages and hashtags that fit your demographic. This boosts your reach, engagement, and most importantly, collects data on the people who visit your profiles (hello re-targeting!)

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