Marketing Process:

1. Create a relevant content.

If video is your thing, great!

If you'd rather be behind a keyboard, amazing!

Or if you're not really a writer or personality, that's ok too!

Find a way to produce content that educates your audience and engages them in conversation.

2. Secondary Content

Your website should be mobile friendly.

That means that it should be designed specifically for mobile.

With 95%+ of all web traffic happening on our customer's phones, you can't afford to hope it works on a phone or tablet! Your brand needs a responsive website that gets to the point and gives your audience the information they need.

Distribute via social and newsletter.

LinkedIn has a great way to publish articles and you should have an existing list of clients or contacts that we can use to connect to people who already know about your brand - this is called a nurturing campaign!

3. Micro-Content

Share quotes & images related to the blog post.

This maximizes the usage of your 

4. Interact
Marketing Process
Maximize the use of your content while you connect to, educate, and inform your audience.

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Join other business owners who get a return on their online advertising investment.

Many businesses spend time talking about marketing, but very few take the time to DO marketing. When a business stops marketing itself, it ceases to grow.

The Haven Agency creates scalable systems for marketing and advertising that businesses need to grow. 

The Haven Agency exists because if businesses market themselves, they are more likely to survive and thrive.




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