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Your Customer’s Journey part 2: Consideration

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

You wouldn’t walk into a room and say “hi, I’m Joe. Wanna do business?” OF COURSE NOT!

You would want to educate your client.

Consider this phase on-boarding. You’re prepping them to make the right decision to choose your company.

We will talk about your customer’s journey, how we will guide them using social media through the parts of being aware of your brand, considering your brand and finally, converting them so that they actually become a part of your brand’s clients. We are going to break this down into the WHY, HOW and WHAT scenario and framework.

First, WHY you need to have Ads, different newsletters and email funnels that address the consideration phase that your potential clients might be going through. With awareness, what we start with is letting them know that your brand even exists, that YOU are there. We have got to remind them two to five days later that you actually have a solution to their problems. Most people are not going to take action the very first time that your brand is introduced to them. That’s like walking into a conference hall full of 300 people, going up to the first person and saying, “Hi! I’m Spencer with a Haven Agency. Do you want to do business?”.

“Woah - hold on. I don’t know anything about what your business does, how you can help me, the differentiators that you have compared to your competition in the market.”

Once they know about your brand, a few days later, it’s good to remind them that you exist because they are in that phase where they need to be learning about you. Nobody’s just going to jump into the deep end of your business unless you have a product that is very niche, you’re targeting very specifically and it’s an easy buy. What we want to do at this point is actually go from “Hi! My name is Spencer.” to “Here is what I can do for you. These are the things that set me apart - these are very specific benefits that you’re going to feel from working with me versus anyone else or choosing this category of product versus anything else.” It’s the WHY - how are we going to do this?

Basically, we need to re-target. One of the ideas that I have for a future blog is how we are going to start using Facebook ads differently with the Facebook and Apple debacko that’s going on right now and what would happen if Facebook Pixel did not exist. But for now, we’re going to use what Facebook has available - the data for how long the video did they watch, did they interact with your brand and your page in some way in the last 30 - 60 - 90 days?

That’s the HOW. We’re going to do retargeting. The best thing that you could do at this point is actually either give them a video or a graphic that promises more information if they get to your website, download something, subscribe, listen to your podcast - whatever that is. But, this is not necessarily saying, “You buy from me right now.” This is saying that “I want to freely offer you information so that you can be an educated client.” Because the reality is that, an educated client is always going to be a better client. If they sign up with no consideration, then, it’s going to be a weird relationship and they’re going to start asking questions that honestly, you don’t want to answer. So, it’s best to address those upfront. Give them the plan, guide them through what it’s going to look like to work with you, the things they need, what success looks like, what failure looks like. That way, you could address all of that on the front, keep pushing them for it and actually have a good relationship with them. So, that kind of addresses the HOW and the WHAT.

The WHAT is, get them to your website, get them to download something, get them to interact a little bit further so that they learn more about what your brand has to offer.


And educated client is a better client.


Regathering ads containing valuable information.


Videos or graphics that lead potential customers to your website, to download a PDF, subscribe, listen to a podcast, etc.

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