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Blog #2 - Feelings vs Facts: How to grow your brand based on facts.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Feelings are good! Don’t hear in this blog that “feelings are bad.”

In fact, feelings are NECESSARY. It’s the round table discussion. The process of understanding. The conversations that do HAVE to happen. But what’s inportant to understand is that feelings are meant to get you started because feelings inherently come with biases. You have someone who is super fired up about a project, concept, or way of selling and then you have someone who isn’t.

This is graciously called the “devils advocate.” <— which I am called a lot. So, it’s necessary to get your feelings out on the table, but then you need to find a way to put them aside. You need to find a way to grow beyond just the feelings and develop measurable FACTS to inform your business. This concept is prominent in the book The Lean Startup in which Eric Ries discusses the need to adapt quickly and read the data to inform your decision making.

FACTS are measurable and will grow a brand.

  • Facts speak on behalf of your target audience.

  • What is the problem they are dealing with?

  • What is the solution you provide? … and more difficult: how do you communicate that??

  • Does your process make sense?

  • What COLOR does your audience prefer?

Some of that may seem silly, but the truth is that in a digital world (one that you can adapt very quickly) this all matters! So what do you do with this information? 1. Try it yourself and read the data 2. Hire The Haven Agency to do your testing, reporting and recommendations for you. See you next time to discuss YOUR BRAND PERSONALITY

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