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Ep 22 - 4 Reasons Your Website is Important

We’re back with more content for you!


Well… to start, having a blog is imperative in the world of marketing & advertising. The more you educate your clients, the better their outcomes. The better their decisions… and the better your business will do!

So, we’ve been preaching that message for a long time and while we were REALLY good about it for a while, the reality is that life (and taking care of our clients) can get in the way of practicing what we preach.

Not to mention, the more copy you have on your website, the better! Google reads everything you write on your website and will show you higher in the results if you mention things like marketing, social media, organic marketing, online advertising, graphic design, website design, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging, and business growth… (see what we did there???)

Anyways… on to the point of this blog: YOUR WEBSITE MATTERS

Your website is important for 4 different reasons:

1) Your website tells a story.

No! Not your story. It tells the story of what your audience is going through. The problems they are facing - external, internal, and philosophical.

What does that mean?

Here’s an example of why someone might call The Haven Agency:

External Problem - Your business needs a website

Internal Problem - You feel like your competition is winning because they have a good looking website and yours… well… it was great in 2012.

Philosophical Problem - Your business shouldn’t lose to your competition just because they have a great website! (But the reality is that a great website has become the expectation.)

2) Your website introduces the solution to your audiences problem.

This is IMPERATIVE. Your website connects with your audience via THEIR story and describes the solution you have developed.

It’s important to make this solution clear and accessible. If your audience is confused about how to get that solution… they will never be your client.

That rolls right into #3…

3) Your website has a clear and confident call to action.

People will go where they are told when they feel connected.

After you have described your solution (and even before!) be sure that you are clearly calling them to take action with your brand.

And make your calls to action yes or no statements.

”Learn More” is passive. It’s like… “ok yea, that’s why I’m here”

”Contact Now” is imperative and gives me something I am either going to say “yes” or “no” to.

Finally, the last reason your website is important… and how I started this blog post…

4) Your website should educate and inform.

That‘s the reason for blog posts! Your website should educate your client on the various services and solutions you offer.

For example, if you are a dental office, do your patients a favor and describe what they should expect from a routine cleaning vs root canal! Those are 2 very different things!!!

The more you educate your audience, they more they will trust you and the more likely they will be to reach out to you for more information about getting the ball rolling (or they’ll just go ahead and BOOK NOW.)

Those are the 4 reasons your website is important.

If you don’t feel like your website actively does those four things, it might be time to have a conversation!

Reach out to us at The Haven Agency, fill out a form, email us, or give us a call and we’ll get started creating a foundation for your brand!

Talk soon!




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