• Spencer Johnson

Ep 16 - How to get them into your funnel

Advertising. Here’s what you should know... for now!

We've covered a lot of material about marketing and funnels. Now, it's time to discuss advertising a bit.

This is an essential part of your complete marketing funnel and there are a few things you need to understand first.

  1. Online & Social Media Advertising cannot exist on its own. It goes hand in hand with marketing/conversation, but it helps reach people who will care!

  2. Create a way to guide your audience through the customer journey (awareness, consideration, conversion) This is a way to introduce your company, respond to objections, educate, inform, and call them to action!

  3. Google and Facebook are the primaries. LinkedIn is secondary. Why? Because Google and Facebook are designed to get you the results you'd be looking for - they are really good at it! LinkedIn is a great place to network organically, but the ROI on advertising just can't compete.

  4. Video is essential. Even if it’s iPhone video!!! Start pumping this out! I use an iPhone and airpods, others have studios. The key is: video is the future of retargeting (thanks Apple)

I'll start discussing nurturing campaigns in the next video, so subscribe and keep an eye out for how you can use consistent emails to engage with your audience and reinforce yourself as the expert and TRUSTED GUIDE your customers should be following.

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