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Customer Journey pt. 3: Conversion

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

This is the third part of the three-part series about your customer journey, that your ads, social and digital media initiatives need to guide your customer down.

The customer journey is an essential part of your online activities, of growing your business now more than ever.

It is now 2021 - it is time for you to be engaging with your audience and actually holding their hand as they discover whether or not you’re the company they wanted to do business with.

As a recap, Part 1 is Awareness: Let them know that you exist and Part 2 is Consideration: Give them information that is engaging where they can learn more about what your business does, how you’re going to serve them.

I am going to talk about Part 3, which is Conversion. This is a whole category of ads that you can set-up through Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, LinkedIn and so on.

It takes an average of seven times of hearing your name, being aware of your business, before your customer decides to take action.

Some people would argue that if you do it all right, you could get it done in five or six steps whereas other times, you just constantly have to be brought up. I use Allbirds and Birddogs as an example for me. I see their ads everyday, but about every ten days, I will probably click on one of those ads, I’ll engage a little bit, I’ll start to explore what they have that I might be interested in. This is the time when you should be directly calling that customer to action. They may have visited your website, explored your Facebook page, probably watched a video of yours and engaged with your brand, so call them to take action. This is the Buy Now!, this is the Give them an Offer!, in an email, you’ll give them a 10 or 20 percent off. This is saying that if you act now, you will get all of these benefits that you have heard about over the past 7 or 14 days of us advertising to you.

What does a direct call to action actually look like?

They may be different whether you’re selling an individual product or a service. If you’re selling an individual product, take BirdDogs Shorts for example. It is like - “Hey, we have these in black, we also have these in seersucker. Which one of them do you want? Buy them now!” or it could be - “If you buy two pairs of shorts, we will give you a t-shirt for free!”. That’s the product - it could be jewelry, something from Target, Amazon, or whatever it is the product that you sell, something like coffee. For service, it does get a little more complicated. This is where the different options for the conversion measurement fluctuates a little bit because the reality is that, sometimes you’re trying to get somebody to just subscribe to your newsletter, to a podcast. That’s fine, that’s a great call to action if that’s what you’re after. It could be a lead, which is either go to our website, click the contact form, fill it out and submit it. It may also be setting up something like a Facebook instant experience where they can immediately engage with your brand without leaving the Facebook experience of the app, and enter their first name, last name, business, phone number, email, whatever information you need to actually lead them to the next part of the journey.

What it could also be is now maybe a good time to give them a free document. That could be in the consideration phase, but it’s also possible for that to be a way to get them into your email funnel. This would be something that would be set through like a business or marketing made simple plans. If you’re after getting their first name, an email address, and engaging with them via email, that’s totally fine too. There are a lot of different options that you have when it comes to conversion but the important thing is that you need to decide that this is, in fact, a conversion campaign because when you do that on Facebook, the said social media would fish it out and start to figure out who is the most likely person to actually engage with this brand and give you the conversion that you’re looking for. Maybe you’re a non-profit, and that’s a donate button. Maybe you’re a business, and it’s a lead or you’re a B to B or a B to C, and you’re selling paper towels. Whatever it might be, Facebook will actually determine through the interest, behaviors, demographics, the connections, who is going to most likely engage in this, to give you the results that you want that will ultimately grow your business. That gets us through the complete customer journey.

Remember, you can have 1 or 70 of these funnels going all at the same time, leading different customer demographics, even using different products to guide your customers.

Those are the three things that you need to be considering - how are you making people aware, how are you helping them consider your brand as a solution, and how are you converting those people to be your clients.

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