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Blog #5 - The 3 Parts of Your Customer's Journey

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Let's talk about the customer journey (or the customer funnel.) The process of getting more business and growing through online advertising. We need to talk about how you are actually guiding your potential clients through that funnel, getting them to actually take the last step, which is contacting you or buying now or whatever your call to action is at the end of that funnel. What I want to do is I want to talk to you about the three main parts of that funnel, I'm going to get into the implementation of these parts later on. But it's important that we understand the foundational three parts of this customer journey, they are awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Okay, so let's start with talking about awareness first, because the fact is that this is like walking into, the big auditorium, the big breakfast - wherever you've done networking events before. You're wearing a name tag, and nobody has any idea who you are, what you sell what you offer your your the service that you provide to the world, nobody knows. So you've got to get started making people aware, "hey, I'm in this room, I'm in this space, this is what I do." For the awareness stage of this customer journey, you want to reach as many people as you possibly can, who are in that target demographic of whoever it is you're looking for, whether they're interested in a plumber, or in old cars, or a bicycle or business and entrepreneurship, whatever that may be. You want to reach out to those people and basically say, Hey, I'm here, like, would you like to talk include some very basic information about your business. At this point, they're probably not looking for you to solve all of their in the world's problems. But they might be interested in, I didn't know that you existed. So let me click on this, let me go to your website and find out what it is that you actually do. So that would be the top part that is the most number of people in your target audience, that does not mean that they are all going to be your customer.

The next phase that you need to be focusing on is the consideration. This is that percentage of people who've made aware of your business, the consideration are the people who you want to be retargeting, you actually want to be talking to them more about what it is that you do about what it is that you offer. So you want to be talking about specific benefits of your products, or of your services, or whatever it is that you do. This is what you like, this is an opportunity when you should be sharing what may differentiate you from your competitor, what may differentiate your product from any other product. So consider that as the consideration phase.

Finally, we want to talk about the conversion phase. This is after somebody has engaged with your website, they've engaged with one of your ads in some way. And now it's time to take the conversation to the next step, which is getting in touch with you directly that may be just making a purchase on your website. But it may also be fill out this contact form fill out an application donate now, whatever that conversion metric is that you want to be measuring. This is that you are prompting your customers to actually take action related to your business.

We've walked them through the highest level of awareness, that consideration and then finally conversion. Now again, everyone who you convert in some way may not actually end up being a client if you're looking for their contact information or to get a free download or anything like that. You may also have multiple funnels that happen simultaneously, or one that leads into another funnel.

The people who you convert, then go into another customer journey, which is ultimately maybe signing a retainer with you.

Those are very broad level, the three parts of the customer journey that Facebook actually lays out for us to use for us to guide potential clients to ultimately taking an action which leads your business to growing.

We have different ways that we can apply this to your ads specifically, to the way that you communicate with your audience and the way that they interact with your brand on social media and on your website.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

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