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#9 - Facebook is Changing the Way Customers are Tracked

Facebook is changing the way that you are able to use Pixel. It’s actually kind of terrifying for a lot of people since Apple announced that it will actually make apps ask you whether or not, you as a consumer, would like to be tracked. That threw a wrench into a big system that Facebook has created to target ads to you based on what you have seen. Whether that you visited a web page, looked at a product on Amazon or at Create Barrel or whatever shopping platform you have been using, you have probably clicked on, for me it’s Bird Dog’s - I clicked on Bird Dog’s site, I looked at a pair of shorts and then, 30 minutes later I’m scrolling through Facebook and I get an ad for that exact pair of shorts from Bird Dog. That will not be possible anymore because Apple has said whether you’re on iPhone, iPad, your computer or whatever, we will ask you if you would like to be tracked. How many consumers are going to click? “Yes, please track me.” So it’s very different - they just threw a wrench into the system.

It is scary that this is happening. Advertisers have been wondering what to do about this. I’m going to tell you a little bit more about what it means and then give you a few options or solutions that you could be using instead. So, what does this mean to you as an advertiser? If somebody goes to your site, it would be great if you could have that little piece of tracking code and know: “Spencer went to my site on January 2nd.”. Put that person into a category and target them with different ads. You can do this by page, by website, as a whole you can do this if they have abandoned a shopping cart - plenty of options.

You want to get back in front of people because the reality is that a lot of consumers will not make a decision the first time they interact with your brand. It takes them several times to see your name, offers, solutions and your empathy to what they’re going through to finally make the decision and say, “You know what? This is interesting, I could use you so let me switch to conversion.” We’ve talked about the customer journey of awareness, consideration, and conversion, so, here’s what you can do about this - the reality is, it is not really a complex system, but I do have three categories of recommendation that you can dig into a little bit and it might apply to your brand.

First is an email list. If you have a great email list, Facebook recommends over one thousand names and emails, if you have cities and zip codes and all that, it makes it easier. But if you can get that list, upload it and create a target audience. This is really good if you buy your email list (Again, I do not recommend doing that), it could be that you have a lead (Generator Magnet), Newsletter on your page where they submit their email, that’s a great way to track them. It may be that you’re part of an organization that has a big list of architects, “Okay, great! I want to target those people with this ad.”. So, setting up that custom audience with an email list is a really good example. Taking that one step further, I recommend doing this as well, actually using both of these is a lookalike audience. This will take the names, emails that you upload, it will match them to the audience on Facebook But then, you can actually set parameters and you can say, “I want in Tennessee and in Mississippi or only in Rhode Island.”, or whatever the state or area is that you want to target people. It will basically analyze the interest, behaviors, and the demographics of your custom audience and give you a lookalike audience, the people who are not on your list who have similar interests, behaviors and demographics. It’s a really cool way to expand your list and your reach.

Finally what you can do is you can get a custom audience for those people who have engaged with your page in a certain period of time whether that’s the last year, 18 months or 5 days. You can also retarget people who have watched three, five, ten seconds more of any of your videos. Having more content for people to engage with is going to help you retarget from now on. When IOS 14.3 comes out and the tracking denial comes into a fact, these are the opportunities that you have to continue to reach out - Guide that customer, guide that audience through the consideration phase so that you can ultimately get them to the conversion phase.

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