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What Does Good Social Do?

The Complete Guide to Creating an Effective Social Media Schedule

(30 Ideas to Use This Month)

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Hey guys, how's it going today?

This is Spencer Johnson from the Haven agency, I wanted to chat with you about five quick things related to your social media. This is one of the things that we do. It is a part of the marketing framework as you're trying to become the expert, educate your audience, inform them of what you do, how you can help them what the results look like. There are a few different reasons why you should actually be posting on social media consistently how you do that, at the end, I'll actually give you a free resource as well, that you can use, it'll schedule out a month or two months, however long you need it to go. So what I'm going to do is talk about the five things that you need to do, and the benefits of creating your social media schedule.

So first of all, I'm going to tell you, it saves time, when you are organized, you save yourself time, every day, when you show up and you think, Oh crap, I got to be creative today, I got to come up with something to share. So rather than that, when you actually plan it out, and when you organize all of those different pieces of content, you don't have to worry about it on a day to day basis, you might have to consider it for a few hours a month. But when you do that, think about all of the time that you save yourself throughout that month, spending a little bit of time up front. What it also helps you do is you're thinking about your posting on social media in a consistent way, when you are consistent on social media, that gives you a better chance to teach your audience your message, explain the benefits of working with you communicate exactly what it is that you do that and what the outcome will look like the steps to get there and everything else. But not only that, you're introducing yourself, you are building your identity brand as well. So post consistently, no matter what your metric is, whether it's once a day, five times a day, five times a week, or whatever it might be blown out over the course of a week, a month, a campaign. being consistent, helps you guide your audience by showing up on their feet, they're there, they're waiting, they don't know what they're waiting for. It may be you, but it might also be your competition, it should be you them. So that's why you should post consistently. What you should also do is and the reason why planning out your social media is beneficial is that it helps you avoid big mistakes. What that means is that by making your plan by scheduling out your social media, you're able to identify, what should I say, when should I say it? What else do I need to have done. So as you are walking yourself through that strategy of creating your social plan, you are identifying the potential pitfalls, having that 30,000 foot view, you think about actually getting up to 30,000 feet. So you think about the 10 feet, and the 5000 feet and 10,000 feet all the way up, you're building this strategy. So it's okay to get granular. But as you're building all of this, it will save you from the pitfalls from the downfalls of big mistakes. What you may also want to do is create primary content. This is a pillar of what we do at the Haven agency. primary content informs your secondary content informs your micro content, which is ultimately what you're posting on social media anyway. So start here, a great resource for you would be answer the public.com. You can enter any industry any any topic, it can be chocolate, it could be health insurance, it could be employee engagement, whatever the primary topic that you address is, you can plug in that concept and it will give you the most frequently asked questions related to that particular topic. Check it out, because if you sell burgers, well start answering people's questions about burgers, be the expert teach them how to make one at home, the ice cube burger or one with cheese on the inside or anything like that. You can identify those questions. As you're creating the primary content in the form of blogs, videos, whatever else you might be creating, what you'll do is you'll be informing your secondary and micro content as well. Finally, make it about them while also communicating about you. So this is a big story brand method. You've probably heard me mentioned that before. But be sure that the story that you're telling and all of your posts is about what your audience might be going through. They might be having problems with social media being consistent coming up with concepts for social media. It It may be that they're having problems with their culture, and how do you actually return back to the workplace? Or are you going to stay work from home? How do you manage all of those things. So be yourself and tell their story. And when I say be yourself, I mentioned identity branding earlier, people do not want to relate to your company they want, they want to relate to a personality at your company. So give them that personality. This is why Flo from progressive or mayhem from Allstate, that's why those characters exist. Because people want to see that they want to relate to that face that name so that they trust you, they can build that relationship, and that's ultimately going to lead them to convert to convert. That's all I have for you today. If you've watched this video, what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you this resource. Now if you go to the Haven agency.com slash 30 days, at that link, you can enter your email, and I will immediately send you a PDF that has 30 days worth of ideas for your social media. Once you get that PDF, you can use it for 30 days and suddenly you have 30 ideas for an entire month. And then in month two, you just repeat the process. Maybe posting every day for 30 days is not your thing. That's okay. You can use this either posting every other day. Suddenly, you have two months worth of content. You can also just cherry pick from it. If you want to look you need some inspiration about what can I post today or this week or this month on my social media. Read through that list of 30 ideas. It'll give you some some ideas, some concepts that you can use yourself to start elevate elevating your social media. That's all I got for you today. Thanks so much. Talk to you later.

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