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Marketing is a catch all word. It could mean social media, email, advertising, blog writing, event attendance, and more.

We create powerful marketing strategies that could include any or all of those platforms. The key to powerful marketing lies in consistency of message and engagement. That means we are constantly asking "How can we make the most of this?"

Does your marketing create confusion for your audience?

... or confusion for YOU?


Your marketing should be Consistent.

There are many important factors to the consistency of your marketing. It could mean the consistency of:

  • Messaging

  • Content Creation

  • Distribution

  • Engagement

Get your message right and have it on repeat so that when it's time for your prospects to make a decision, you are the first solution on their mind.


Your marketing should be Valuable.

Posting for the sake of posting is ineffective. The Haven Agency creates marketing that is based on the foundation of value.

Write a message, create content, and speak to your audience in a way that adds value. Otherwise, you're chasing likes and losing credibility. 

Find ways to establish your business as the expert with education and information.


Your marketing should be Efficient.

When we create marketing strategy, we write and produce content to maximize the usage of each and every element.

This is based on a three part thought process that includes:

  1. Primary Content

  2. Distribution Method

  3. Micro-Content

From one effort comes many opportunities for engagement.

Let's get started.

Send us an email.

Have a quick question that you'd rather not schedule a meeting to get answered? We get it! Drop us a note to:

Give us a call.

Alright there, Eager Beaver. We're excited to talk to you too! Give us a call or send a text to:

(901) 378-8931

Schedule a Meeting

The easiest way to get in touch is to book a meeting. Our availability can be seen here:

Schedule a Meeting

Our Process.

We make the email process simple for you.

Write your message

The Haven Agency uses the StoryBrand method to craft a powerful, engaging story for your audience to cling to. This framework establishes them as the hero of the story with your brand being the guide to lead them to success.

Produce primary content

Primary content is marketing heavy lifting. It may include writing scripts, blogs, articles, ad copy, and more. It is the long-form version of what you want to communicate to your audience.


Distributing your primary content can take on many forms at once! Sometimes that involves publishing blog posts, press releases, scheduling interviews, or sending newsletters.

Posting Micro-Content

Micro-content is the social media drip campaign. We help identify the questions worth asking, key points, and visuals to support your primary content and guide your audience to learn more. This is the "blocking and tackling" of your marketing. 

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