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Brand Message • Website • Graphic Design • Photo • Video • Email Newsletter

Their Need

CultureID, a new employee engagement survey platform by E3 Solutions, needed a full-service marketing approach for its product launch, including a brand message, website, email funnel, brand video, newsletters, and social media strategy.

Our solution

As a full-service marketing agency, The Haven Agency crafted a compelling brand message, designed a user-friendly website, developed an effective email funnel, produced an engaging brand video, created informative newsletters, and implemented a dynamic social media strategy to successfully launch CultureID in the market.

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Through a comprehensive and integrated marketing approach, The Haven Agency's efforts resulted in a successful product launch for CultureID.


The cohesive implementation of a compelling brand message, a visually striking website, a nurturing email funnel, a powerful brand video, and a robust presence on newsletters and social media solidified CultureID's position as a leader in the employee engagement space.


As a result, CultureID was able to reach and resonate with its target audience effectively, driving positive outcomes for both the platform and the organizations it serves.

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Everything Else

Lead Generating PDFs


Graphic Design

Portraits & Brand Photo

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The Haven Agency's complete web design for CultureID encompassed a seamless and visually captivating online platform featuring multiple landing pages, diverse offers, an array of products, and comprehensive services.


With a user-friendly interface and strategically placed calls-to-action, the website effectively engaged visitors and facilitated their journey towards optimal employee engagement and workplace culture.

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