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By strategically curating trending industry news, showcasing sponsors, and delivering essential event information, we created an engaging platform that captivated their audience and elevated their brand presence.




Their Need

The Northeast Acquirers Association had a pressing need to elevate their brand and effectively engage with their target audience year-round. With a focus on promoting sponsors and attracting new sponsorships, they sought a solution that would highlight and celebrate their industry partners. Additionally, they lacked an ongoing social media and email marketing strategy to keep their audience informed and connected between annual events. They recognized the importance of building a strong online presence to strengthen their industry influence and expand their reach.

At The Haven Agency, we embarked on a comprehensive solution to address the Northeast Acquirers Association's needs. We devised a strategic plan to not only showcase and celebrate their sponsors but also engage the industry year-round through various digital channels. Leveraging our expertise in social media and email marketing, we developed a tailored approach to grow their LinkedIn audience, attracting over 700 highly engaged professionals – approximately 75% of their annual event attendees.

How we helped:

Through engaging content creation, event promotions, sponsor spotlights, and exhibitor features, we successfully nurtured a thriving online community centered around the Northeast Acquirers Association. By leveraging our marketing knowledge, we provided them with the tools and strategies to effectively communicate with their target audience, promote their events, and elevate their brand presence. Together, we have achieved remarkable results, establishing the Northeast Acquirers Association as a leader in the payment processing industry and facilitating valuable connections between industry players.

Let's talk Email

Email marketing remains a highly effective tool for businesses to engage their audience and drive meaningful interactions.


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With a well-designed and visually appealing email template, you can establish credibility, foster trust, and maximize the impact of your messaging, ultimately leading to higher engagement rates, increased conversions, and a stronger connection with your audience.

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