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Orion FCU

Ad Campaign • Graphic Design • Photo • Video • Commercial Production • Ad Strategy

Their Need

Orion FCU, a credit union headquartered in Memphis, TN, sought a trusted partner to help elevate their marketing efforts and effectively engage their members. As a credit union with a strong mission and vision, Orion desired to align their marketing messaging with their core values to create content that captivates attention and adds value for their members. They needed a comprehensive solution that included ad campaigns, graphic design, a brand photoshoot, commercial production, and an ad strategy. Seeking to enhance their brand presence and connect with their audience on a deeper level, Orion FCU required a dedicated team that could act as an extension of their own, understanding their mission and vision while producing engaging, effective content that resonates with their members.

Our solution

As an extension of Orion FCU's team, The Haven Agency aligned with their mission and vision to create engaging content that captures attention and adds value for their members. Our comprehensive solution included creative ad campaigns with captivating graphic design, a brand photoshoot that captured their brand identity, and a compelling commercial production that conveyed their commitment to their members. With a deep understanding of their core values, we developed a targeted ad strategy, ensuring consistent messaging across channels and enhancing member engagement. By strengthening their brand presence and fostering meaningful connections, The Haven Agency continues to support Orion FCU's growth and drive their mission forward.

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Brand Video

Creating a brand video involves identifying the right message that aligns with the brand's values, gathering visuals to drive the narrative, and skillfully editing everything together for a compelling and impactful piece of content.


Collaboration with the client and careful attention to storytelling ensures the final video resonates with the target audience, leaving a lasting impression on their perception of the brand.

In addition to designing creative ad campaigns with captivating graphic elements, we conducted a brand photoshoot to capture Orion FCU's values and produced a compelling commercial that emotionally connected with viewers.


Leveraging our understanding of their mission, we developed an optimized ad strategy that ensured consistent messaging and enhanced member engagement across various channels.


These efforts collectively amplified Orion FCU's marketing impact, fostering stronger connections with members and reinforcing their commitment to their audience.

Everything Else

Billboard & Print Design

Brand Photography

ALO Video

Community Engagement

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