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Coaching for Literacy

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Their Need

Coaching for Literacy, a Memphis-based non-profit with a national reach, aimed to connect sports, particularly NCAA Basketball, with reading programs nationwide. To enhance their impact, they sought to elevate their image through high-quality video work, graphic design, social media, and engaging email newsletters. They needed compelling storytelling and captivating content to support reading and literacy programs near sports teams.

Our solution

The Haven Agency collaborated with Coaching for Literacy to create a dynamic year-end giving campaign that inspired generous donations. We produced a powerful brand video, effectively conveying the organization's impact and mission. Additionally, we developed engaging sponsor highlights for their Game Changers Gala to strengthen relationships with sponsors. By consistently producing content at all events and activations, implementing social media strategies, and leveraging compelling storytelling, we transformed Coaching for Literacy's brand image, establishing them as a prominent force in promoting literacy and supporting reading programs nationwide.

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Brand Video

Creating a brand video involves identifying the right message that aligns with the brand's values, gathering visuals to drive the narrative, and skillfully editing everything together for a compelling and impactful piece of content.


Collaboration with the client and careful attention to storytelling ensures the final video resonates with the target audience, leaving a lasting impression on their perception of the brand.

The Haven Agency made a significant impact for Coaching for Literacy through diverse initiatives.


We crafted a compelling year-end giving campaign that inspired generosity and successfully motivated supporters to contribute to their mission.


Our email marketing strategies nurtured relationships with donors, while the powerful storytelling ALO video showcased the organization's achievements during the Game Changers Gala, deepening support.


Additionally, our captivating social media graphic designs effectively communicated Coaching for Literacy's mission, expanding their reach and enhancing brand visibility. These efforts amplified their impact, connecting sports enthusiasts to the importance of reading and literacy programs nationwide, and supporting their mission to foster education and literacy.

Everything Else

Event Coverage


ALO Video

2022 Annual Report Graphic Design

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