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Integra Strategies

Brand Message • Logo Design • Website • Graphic Design • Photo 

Their Need

Integra Strategies, a nationwide operating company, sought a complete branding overhaul. As they expanded and started bidding on larger projects, they recognized the importance of a professional image that accurately represented their scale and capabilities. The goal was to elevate their brand to reflect their expertise and competence. 

Our solution

The Haven Agency stepped in and provided a comprehensive solution, including logo redesign, a polished brochure website, brand photography, and industry-specific one-page brochure designs.


This transformation empowered Integra Strategies to present themselves as a serious player in the industry, attracting larger opportunities and fostering trust with potential clients.

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The website we crafted for Integra Strategies exuded a large-scale and fully capable feel while maintaining simplicity and efficiency.


With a strategic focus on user needs, the Homepage empathized with visitors, establishing immediate trust by addressing their concerns. The Industries Page provided in-depth details tailored to individual clients, showcasing Integra's expertise in meeting specific industry requirements. Lastly, the About page thoughtfully answered common questions, further establishing the Integra team as reputable experts in their field.


Every word and section were meticulously designed to foster trust and confidence, ensuring a powerful online presence that resonated with their target audience.

Integra Strategies recognized the importance of an updated logo that aligns with their evolving brand image while maintaining elements of familiarity. The goal was to refine and modernize the logo, creating a cleaner and more polished design that exudes professionalism and usability. The new logo effectively represents their brand, offering the versatility and impact needed to thrive in their industry.

Logo Design

In addition to the logo redesign and website, The Haven Agency addressed Integra Strategies' need for updated portrait photography and branding photos to bolster their online and social media presence.


We conducted a professional photoshoot that captured the essence of their team, presenting them as experts in their field, and showcasing the human side of the company. These high-quality images became essential assets for social media posts, website banners, and promotional materials, establishing a strong and engaging brand image.

Moreover, we crafted industry-specific one-pagers with impactful graphic design that Integra Strategies can confidently use in pitches and trade shows. These visually compelling one-pagers present detailed insights and solutions tailored to potential clients' needs, leaving a lasting impression and bolstering Integra's credibility as a reliable and capable partner.


By thoughtfully aligning their brand presence and pitching power, The Haven Agency positioned Integra Strategies for success in the competitive landscape, setting them apart and empowering them to seize new opportunities and establish enduring client relationships.

Everything Else


Brand Identity

One Pager Design

Brand Photography

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